5 Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair For Men

By Bharati Kumari
2023-07-17,22:45 IST

Having a realistic yet practical hair care routine for its health is essential. Swipe to learn the tips to take care of your hair.


The most crucial step is oiling; it gives your hair the needed lustre and increases hair growth. Choose your hair oil according to your hair type.


It is essential to clean your hair and scalp thoroughly to improve hair growth and reduce build-up. Choose a sulphate-based shampoo if you have an oily scalp.


It is essential to condition your hair length with a good hair conditioner to reduce breakage and increase shine.


It is essential to nourish your roots and the length; use a hair serum depending on your hair concern.


Do not blow dry your hair with a hair dryer, as it harms your hair and roots.


Consistency is crucial for hair health and appearance; adjust washing and conditioning frequency based on hair type and individual needs. If you face excess hair fall, visit a doctor.