Top 5 Gross Side Effects Of Bikini Wax

By Bharati Kumari
2023-07-17,19:35 IST

Pubic hair is to protect the delicate genital area. Waxing hair down there can send you into a spiral of health troubles.


Waxing pubic hair can lead to an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infection.


Micro cuts caused by waxing put you in danger of getting sexually transmitted infections which spread via skin-to-skin contact such as HPV and HIV.

Chemical Burns

A Brazilian wax can leave your private area with chemical burns. This can not only cause excruciating pain but also result in hyper pigmentation.

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs are not just an eye sore, but they can also get infected and cause you super painful pus-filled bumps.


Waxing is traumatic to your skin. It can lead to permanent scarring and abrasions.


It is advised to not put your health at stake for cosmetic purposes. However, if you must get bikini wax, fix appointment with an experienced professional only.